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645 Ventures Investment Themes
While we invest across different markets and remain open to a variety of new businesses, we are currently excited about the following themes.
Each theme provides an overview of market trends we are seeing, and outlines some characteristics that we believe will define startups in this space.

A new wave of consumer companies will capitalize on personalized data to provide superior customer experiences, eliminating complex search, tailoring to personal preferences, and seamlessly blending software and human systems.

The evolution of how and where business is done (i.e. centralized to fully-distributed work) combined with adoption of technology in previously un-penetrated business areas is giving rise to a second wave of cloud-based software adoption.

A vibrant open source ecosystem and the rise of self-serve, API-driven software applications is revolutionizing the way engineers and data scientists write, test, deploy, and monitor software applications and data processes.

New software applications will empower knowledge workers and allow them to replicate skills that traditionally required advanced professional training, turning them into “Citizen Professionals”