Portfolio company RentSpree partnership with Bright MLS has attracted 3,000 agents this year, with applications growing 50% month over month.

Portfolio company Panther Labs raises a $15M Series A from Lightspeed and adds Gaurav Gupta to their board of directors.

Alessio Fanelli explores some of issues in today's open source world, as well as possible solutions to help maintainers of "Stadium" open source projects.

If software is eating the world, then what happens when it eats venture capital, too? Join us as we find out! We are hiring a Senior Full Stack Engineer to join our team.

Portfolio company Eden Health is featured in Forbes. "[CEO Matt] McCambridge says that Eden Health has seen a 500% spike in demand during the pandemic".

Introducing the Behavioral Change Economy and Why It’s the Most Unique Entrepreneurial Environment of Our Time. By Nnamdi Okike (645 Ventures) and Jonathan Smith (Harvard Business School).

"With a recent funding round of $34 million, Songe is hopeful about expanding Squire's reach, but first, he wants to help barbershops survive the COVID-19 pandemic."

We’re excited to announce that Vardan Gattani has joined 645 Ventures as the newest member of our Investment & Research Team.

We participated in Spiketrap's $3M seed round alongside Susa Ventures (Lead), Pathbreaker Ventures, Oceans Ventures, and more.

Announcing our investment DeepSource.io and our view on the future of code reviews.

DeepSource, a member of the Winter 2020 Y Combinator cohort, announced a $2.6 million seed investment today led by 645 Ventures.

After taking time to reflect on our own personal experiences with racial injustice, speaking with our friends and family, and embracing the diverse perspectives of our 645 team members, we developed and initiated a plan for how our organization will respond.

With the new investment spearheaded by CRV, the company plans to provide resources to barbershops amid COVID-19 crisis.

While there are many categories where a personalized consumer approach can be applied, we believe these characteristics are most representative of markets that will benefit from personalization at scale.

“We’re making 8,500 cheesesteaks a week for Goldbelly,” says Pat’s owner, Frank Olivieri. [...] "Thank goodness for Goldbelly,” says Ess-a-Bagel COO, Melanie Frost.

645 Ventures portfolio company Nanit raises an additional $21M from JVP, Upfront Ventures, RRE Ventures, and more.

Jonathan Smith (Harvard Business School) and Nnamdi Okike (645 Ventures) study the demographics and backgrounds of the most successful MBA startup founders.

ElectroNeek picked up $2.5 million in their seed round led by 645 Ventures, with participation from Soma Capital, I2BF Global, and other funds and angel investors.

Forbes article covering Help Main Street, an initiative launched by our portfolio company Lunchbox.io

Announcement of Lunchbox's $2M seed round led by 645 Ventures, with participation from Primary VC, Salido founder Shu Chowdhury, and Ananda Gala.

The funding was led by Rally Ventures, with participation from ERA, 645 Ventures, Green Visor Capital and Stage 2 Capital. This brings the company’s total funding to nearly $20 million.

What What We Learned by Analyzing the Most Successful Tech Companies of the Past Decade

Viking Global Investors led the Series D round, with participation from Index Ventures, CRV, Blue Cloud Ventures, Stereo Capital and Harmony Partners.

An upside down cap table occurs when investors (in aggregate) own more of a startup than the management team and its employees.

Explaining the Unique Factors Driving a Tech Market Correction, and How Technology Founders and Investors Can Persevere Through It

Today, the company has completed a $4.5M series seed financing co-led by S28 Capital and Innovation Endeavors, with participation from Fathom Capital and 645 Ventures.

Machine learning in early stage venture capital doesn’t work as well as you might think.

We’re excited to announce that Meha Patel has joined 645 Ventures as the newest member of our Investment & Research Team.

To Password Or Not To Password: The Anatomy Of Authentication

Since launching in 2016, Squire has grown to operate in 28 cities across three countries with more than $100 million in transactions processed to date.

Sports Illustrated article on portfolio company Overtime, and how they are reinventing basketball and sports media for Gen-Z.

The university's $25.9 billion endowment moves (slowly) to hire managers owned by women and minorities.

"Zhen told us that his firm works with eight of the top 10 investment banks and “hundreds of investment firms and major corporations."

Does the state of the economy at the time of startup formation impact which companies reach billion-dollar outcomes?

Interview with Michael Rubenstein: President, AppNexus.

What do avatar skins, dainty gold rings, and face sticks have in common?

The Top 7 Reasons Why VCs Miss Billion-Dollar Outcomes

The greatest investments returns may not be in your circle of competence, but in the VC investment triangle.

Category Design for Exceptional Venture Capital Firms: Announcing 645 Ventures Fund II, an Innovative Approach to Early-Stage Venture Investing

Interview with Brian Litvack, CEO and Co-Founder, LeagueApps.

Interview with Zach Posner, Former CEO of Engrade (acquired by McGraw-Hill Education)

Learning from an Early SaaS Pioneer – Interview with John Belizaire, Founder of TheoryCenter (acquired by BEA Systems) and FirstBest Systems (acquired by Guidewire Software)

Interview with Mark Roberge, former Chief Revenue Officer of HubSpot on Creating Your Company’s Unique Sales Acceleration Formula

Interview with Justin Effron, Co-Founder/CEO of ALICE on Launching and Successfully Scaling a Vertical SaaS Company

Interview with Oni Chukwu, CEO of etouches on Building Enterprise Software Companies that Reach Large Exit

Interview with Justin Zhu, Co-Founder/CEO of Iterable on Growing a SaaS Company from the Seed Stage to a Highly Competitive Series A Round

Interview with Scott Dorsey, Co-Founder/CEO of Exact Target (Acquired for $2.5 billion by SalesForce)

TechCrunch Guest Post; 645 Ventures GP Aaron Holiday explains how to set the right valuation for competitive Series A rounds.

TechCrunch Guest Post; 645 Ventures GP Nnamdi Okike on how to plan your for your Series A after your Seed round.

TechCrunch Guest Post; 645 Ventures GP Aaron Holiday describes how software and data are disrupting VC.