SaaS for the 2nd wave
Founded 2015YC 2018Partnered 2021


Skydropx provides advanced software to automate the shipping process for businesses in Latin America, making it easier to buy/print shipping labels, track and handle returns. Founded in 2014 by Tavo Zambrano, Armando Solbes, Óscar Victorín and Daniel Alvarado, skydropx was founded in 2015 and the team participated in YC in 2018. The team has shown their product is able to provide up to 70% reduction in logistics expenses, a revenue growth of up to 3 times by being able to displace shipping options and costs in real time and up to 91% optimization of a company’s operations by avoiding data errors, Zambrano told TechCrunch.

Investment Rationale:

E-commerce is undergoing a renaissance in LATAM, and skydropx has emerged as the category leader in e-commerce fulfillment. The company currently operates exclusively in Mexico, but is actively entering new countries to take advantage of brand power and high e-commerce growth across the continent. As Aaron says, “In Latin America, e-commerce is undergoing a Renaissance, first around fintech and now with the emergence and surge in e-commerce. Customers talked about their product being essential to scale and get to profitability, and skydropx is emerging as the dominant leader to automate fulfillment."