Panther Labs

Panther Labs

Engineering Value Chain revolution
Founded 2018Partnered 2019Lightspeed led Series A 2020Raises at a $1.4B Valuation 2021
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Panther is a cybersecurity company with the mission of detecting and responding to security breaches at a cloud-scale. The company was founded by security practitioners that lived through the challenge of protecting large organizations and wanted to build a solution that many teams could use. Panther solves modern security challenges with detection-as-code, a cloud-native architecture, and robust security data lake. Panther’s platform, used by many industry leaders, enables security teams to focus on security, detect attacks, and protect their organizations without prohibitive overhead or excessive operational costs. Backed by 645, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Innovation Endeavors, and S28 Capital, Panther has raised $140M and is quickly accelerating its mission and employee-base across the United States and Greece. Panther’s customers include industry leading technology companies such as GitLab, Coinbase, and Dropbox, and many others.

Investment Rationale:

When we first connected with Jack, we were immediately impressed by his deep domain expertise in the security data space. He had just spent 3 years at Airbnb as a security engineering manager, where he co-created StreamAlert, a popular open source software that had been in production at Airbnb since 2017.

The two main product innovations that resonated with us were 1) allowing users to write code instead of a UI to create alerts 2) decoupling analysis and data storage. The solutions at the time were limited to archaic interfaces that didn’t give modern security teams the flexibility they needed.