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Eden Health

SaaS for the 2nd wave
Founded 2015Partnered 2017800% Growth 2020Insight Led Series C 2021
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Eden Health is a nationally recognized medical practice on a mission to create a world where every person has a relationship with a trusted healthcare provider. Working with employers across the country, Eden Health offers employees 24/7 digital care, same-day in-person primary care, mental health services, physical therapy, and benefits navigation. The Eden Health team is driven by a patient-centric approach, delivering relationship-based collaborative care. With this model, Eden's clients have healthier workforces, increased productivity, and reduced healthcare costs.

“Our aim at Eden Health is to rebuild trust in the healthcare system by moving the patient to the center of a team-based preventive care model, and taking responsibility for each patient’s care journey,” says Eden's CEO Matt McCambridge. Patients can use a chat and video interface to get in touch with their care team through Eden's mobile app. Their customers include include Stack online software community Stack Overflow, Emigrant Bank and men’s grooming and shaving company Harry’s.

Investment Rationale:

645 invested in both the Seed and Series A for Eden Health. Eden's Founder and CEO Matt McCambridge and 645 GP Nnamdi Okike worked together at Insight Venture Partners prior to the founding of both Eden and 645 Ventures. When Matt set off to build Eden, the 645 team was immediately interested and impressed with what he was able to accomplish in the early days. Eden was presenting a highly compelling value proposition and starting to see traction in a market with massive open opportunity. Eden had signed a number of early customers and contracts that had potential to grow significantly as time went on.