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Based in Detroit, AaDya has created a cost-effective, all-in-one cloud-based platform to provide smart, simple and effective cybersecurity protection designed specifically for the needs of small and midsize businesses. At the heart of the AaDya system is Judy, a virtual cybersecurity assistant working 24/7 to protect customers from the most common cyber threats leveraging a powerful set of features including, password management, single sign on, endpoint protection, threat detection & automated remediation, anti-phishing, one-click compliance mapping and more.

Investment Rationale:

The 645 team was introduced to AaDya in spring of 2019. Raffaele Mautone, founder and CEO, was just starting to think through his new company after leaving his position as Chief Information Officer of Duo Security ($2.4B acquisition by Cisco). Raffaele's depth of experience was hard to ignore. Before Duo, he was at other exceptional security companies including FireEye, McAfee and Dell. In addition to Raffaele's strong resume, he was going after an exceptionally large (and underserved) market in SMBs. Most existing solutions in the market were geared towards large enterprises.