Vardan Gattani

Vardan Gattani

Vice President
Investment & Research
Work Experience
New York
"Fish where the fish are." - Charlie Munger

Vardan Gattani is a Vice President on 645 Venture’s Investment & Research team. He partners with new and existing portfolio founders across fintech, e-commerce and enterprise software.

Before joining 645, Vardan was an investor at Riot Ventures and AlleyCorp. Previously, he also led go-to-market teams at Foursquare and Estimote. He enjoys partnering with founders who are immersed in their businesses and who have strong beliefs on the future of their markets. As an ex-operator, he loves going deep on both product and go-to-market strategies.

A native New Yorker with a strong bias over San Francisco, he firmly stands behind Rezdora's Michelin Star, Inter Milan, and his frequent trips upstate.

Vardan graduated with a B.A. from Wesleyan University and earned an MBA from Columbia Business School.