Lexi Quirk

Lexi Quirk

Founder Success
Work Experience
New York
"We are in a perpetual state of learning, and that can make any prior fact obsolete." - Annie Duke

Lexi Quirk is an Associate on the 645 Ventures’ team. In this role, she partners with founders to bring their visions to life, working with teams across their marketing strategy, GTM operations, PR and fundraising needs.

Lexi joined 645 Ventures in 2021, after working as a management consultant and creative strategist at Accenture to expand their pipeline and source potential client partners. While at Accenture and Accenture Interactive, she gained new skills in business strategy and organization, capitalizing on her love for videography and design.

She played a range of sports in high school and continued to pursue her passion for athletics as a DI Field Hockey player at Princeton. It was Lexi’s college coach who first introduced her to the world of entrepreneurship, having the team be early beta testers in what went on to become the fitness tracking unicorn WHOOP. Lexi spent time as a ski instructor in Chile, and in her free time still loves to ski. A native of the Boston area, she enjoys running, skiing, and exploring the intramural sports scene across New York.

Lexi received a B.A in Psychology with a concentration in Education from Princeton University. As an undergraduate she received the Miller-Shroeder Award for her independent thesis studying the impact of implicit bias on education, specifically in the Greater Boston Area.