Justin Fargione

Justin Fargione

Senior Engineer
Work Experience
New York

Justin Fargione is the Senior Full-Stack engineer for 645 Ventures. In this role, he designs, builds, and maintains the internal tools that support the larger team's success.

Justin has spent his career largely in the world of web development in all its myriad forms, from magazine content management to interactive comic books to high-performance real-time recommendation systems. He has previously served as Chief Technology Officer and lead engineer at several startups, in addition to being a technical consultant for many more.

In his free time escaping the digital world, Justin is an enthusiastic kayaker, hiker, cook, and occasional woodworker. A midstate New Yorker by birth, he now lives in Connecticut, making him an uncomfortable middleman in the New Haven vs. New York pizza showdown.

Justin received his B.S. in Psychobiology from Binghamton University.