Founders Toolkit

by 645 Ventures

Today founders have to make decisions faster and faster due to the speed that competition is moving and the amount of capital chasing too few exceptional teams. And those decisions that founders are making at an incredibly fast pace have long-term implications on founder’s equity, their ability to attract future capital, retain talent, and future opportunities to scale from an early-stage company to a growth company.

The need to make quick decisions is not slowing down, so we have decided to build tools to help founders during these moments, whether or not we are investors in their companies. It’s important to us that founders own as much of their companies as possibly by exit and that they benefit from the years of hard work that goes into building a company. This Tool Kit will help founders with decisions ranging from modeling dilution to better understanding underlying unit economics to scale an early stage company to the growth stage.

The first tool we are releasing is the Cap Table Simulator. It helps founders model dilution after any number/type of round ahead of the Series A, helping to avoid future cap table trouble. An “upside down” cap table occurs when investors (in aggregate) own more of a startup than the founders and its employees.

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