Solidus Labs

Solidus Labs

Citizen Professional
Founded 2019Partnered 2021Raised Series A 2021


Solidus believes blockchain, crypto and digital assets offer an opportunity to transform financial services, making them more inclusive, transparent, liquid and efficient. In order to usher this transformation, their team is on a mission to enable safe and regulated crypto markets through tailored compliance and risk monitoring solutions. Named by Citigroup as category-definer for crypto market surveillance, Solidus Labs offers the first crypto-native, comprehensive, automated and testable market surveillance and risk monitoring hub tailored for digital assets. Crypto businesses, financial institutions and regulators globally rely on their solutions in order to apply for licensing, attract institutional investors, protect their users and grow faster and safer.

Investment Rationale:

In 2021 we saw the rise of blockchain applications, such as NFTs and blockchain gaming. We also saw the growth of DeFi application creation and use. As this trend continues we believe providers of infrastructure software, such Solidus Labs will be critical to enable broad adoption. Co-Founders Asaf Meir, Praveen Dosodia, and Chen Arad impressed us from day one with their insight into the pain points of crypto infrastructure. The team had already signed up an impressive roster of customers, including crypto exchanges, financial services providers, and regulatory agencies, and assembled a top-notch team, with offices in New York and Tel Aviv, and planned expansion in London.