SaaS for the 2nd wave
Founded 2016Raised Seed 2020Partnered 2020Raised Series A 2021


Slope is a clinical operations solution company. Their goal is to make clinical trials boring with products, services, and technology that reduce operational complexity. They support clinical researchers and their patients around the world, with the ultimate goal of getting important drugs and devices to the market faster. As part of their solution they procure, package, and ship clinical trial supplies to destinations across the United States. As Slope mentions on their site, 75% of Research Sites have no policies, procedures, or tools in place to ensure they always have what they need. This makes preparing for all of your patient enrollments and follow-up visits incredibly difficult. Slope empowers companies to have a system in place that not only ensures they hit necessary deadlines both safely and accurately, but Slope also makes the process easy.

Investment Rationale:

We invested in Slope in 2020 after being impressed by the tenacious team and significant market opportunity. We were deeply impressed by the two Founders, Rust and Michael Felix, and their vision for the future of clinical supply chain management. As clinical trials are of significant importance for drug commercialization, it can be costly when supply chain issues create roadblocks for researchers. Slope is addressing an acute pain point and is helping reduce inefficiencies in the clinical trial space.