Founded 2019Raised Seed 2019Partnered 2021Raised Series A 2021


Shift5 is a cybersecurity company that protects the world's transportation infrastructure and weapons systems from cyberattacks. Created by founding members of the U.S. Army Cyber Command who pioneered modern weapons system cyber assessments, Shift5 defends military platforms and commercial transportation systems against malicious actors and operational failures. Customers rely on Shift5 to detect threats and maintain the resilience of a wide variety of operational technology systems, including aviation, rail and metro, and defense.

Investment Rationale:

Operational technology underlies our critical infrastructure, yet there continues to be a lack of resilience against cyberattacks. We believe Shift5 will be able to take on this critical issue when it comes to protecting planes, trains and tanks. As Co-Founder and Partner, Nnamdi Okike says: "Shift5 represents the best of what 645 looks for in an investment: a talented, driven and experienced team building a differentiated technology company to solve a critical and growing problem. The challenge of monitoring and securing commercial and government fleets, vehicles, and systems against cyberattack and malfunction is one of the most important in cybersecurity today. We’re excited to partner closely with them as they scale the business."