Citizen Professional
Founded 2012Partnered 2015Acquired 2019

Exit Summary:

In July of 2019 Rifiniti was acquired by FM Systems, a leader in facilities management software. Rifiniti’s software suite of real estate workplace optimization tools was paired with FM Systems’ suite of tools to enable facility and real estate professionals to identify, plan and deliver the ideal workplace for every employee.


Rifiniti’s workplace analytics help businesses optimize their office space to reduce costs while delivering flexible, modern workplaces that engage employees. Using existing data and advanced analytics, the Rifiniti cloud-based solution provides powerful insight to workspace utilization that enables Corporate Real Estate leaders to make smarter, faster real estate portfolio decisions that reduce costs dramatically and improve employee productivity, innovation, and satisfaction.

Investment Rationale:

When we first met the Rifiniti team, we were impressed with what they had been able to accomplish to that point in the company's life cycle. Revenue growth from the prior 12 months was off the charts, they had highly attractive unit economics, and their customer list was full of big names including EMC, Microsoft, Fidelity, Uber, Exxon Mobil, Cisco, Lenovo, and Allsteel. We were proud to invest in the team and watch them scale to a successful exit.