Engineering Value Chain revolution
Founded 2019Partnered 2020
Founding Team


CEO Matt Caulfield and team are building the Oort Cloud: a globally-distributed, pervasively-available platform for enterprise security. They envision Oort as the connective tissue of the digital supply chain. While every business is protecting its own four walls, the Oort Team is on a mission to connect and secure the sensitive pathways between businesses.

At the core of their vision is identity-aware networking: a system where every user, application, and resource is uniquely identified and isolated to minimize exposure. Today, security teams can use Oort to keep track of all identities in their system, create custom alerts for suspicious behavior or use off-the-shelf suggestions based on best-in-breed practices, as well as easily remediate these problems.

Investment Rationale:

Matt had spent a lot of time at Cisco’s innovation lab, thinking through edge networking and how it could be applied in the enterprise. When we first invested, there wasn’t a product yet, but the problem Oort was tackling was so strong that they already had CISOs from large organizations helping them in designing the product. The opportunity for identity and secure B2B connectivity in the enterprise is a massive market that we are excited to go after.