Citizen Professional
Completed YC 2021Partnered 2021


Navattic is an interactive demo software that allows non-technical users to create personalized, interactive demo environments. As former Sales and Solutions Engineers the team saw first-hand the pain-points around giving hands-on access to the product during the sales process. They believed there was a forward-thinking solution to product demos that leveraged PLG trends to drive lead generation and improve the demo experience. Today, Navattic empowers Go-To-Market Teams to use web recorders and customer design toolkits to create high-fidelity prototypes and showcase their product in an immersive method. These interactive demos can be embedded on websites and serve as a lead generation tool.

Investment Rationale:

We first met the founders of Navattic in March, as members of Y Combinator’s Winter 2021 cohort. We were instantly impressed by the team as well as the product. Navattic’s software meaningfully improves the experience of selling a product or service. The platform allows non-technical users to create personalized, interactive demo environments, fitting squarely into our Citizen Professional thesis. The need for the experience that Navattic is enabling is stronger than ever. New distribution methods such as product-led growth (PLG) continue to change customer expectations of how software should be bought, and sales-led companies are rushing to catch up. This behavioral shift, has invited strong demand for Navattic’s product from both PLG and sales-led companies alike.