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Founded 2014Partnered 2015Product Launched 2016Series C Financing 2021


At Nanit, their mission is to support the journey of parenting by making life a little more manageable for new parents by connecting them to their child's development and well-being. Since its launch in 2016, the Nanit baby monitor has revolutionized the industry and helped parents and their babies sleep better. Nanit is the first smart monitor to merge computer vision with data-backed sleep science, to produce the most advanced and secure camera technology ever introduced to the home. Nanit works to measure a baby's sleep cycle and provide actionable insights that lead to improved sleep for the entire family.

Nanit now offers a suite of products and services that help parents stay informed on their baby’s health, safety and well-being through smarter and better use of technology. The company has become the leader in the connected nursery space, with an incredible customer base of highly-engaged new parents who look to Nanit as a source of information and expertise on their parenting journey. They are a dynamic VC-backed startup with proven products, marquee investors, and a terrific team of people.

Investment Rationale:

We got to know the Nanit team as the business was starting to take shape at Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute at Cornell Tech. We were blown away by the visionary founders and their passion for imaging systems, machine learning, computer vision, human-centric design, sleep science, and child development. We partnered with Nanit before the first product even launched and have been happy to be along for the journey ever since.