SaaS for the 2nd wave
Founded 2010Partnered 2015$2B in Transactions Processed 2021Series B Financing 2021
645 Team


Born and bred in New York City, LeagueApps is the operating system and community for youth and local sports leaders—providing them with the technology and professional network they need to succeed. They power thousands of clubs, tournaments, leagues, camps, and facilities with a platform that reaches more than 10 million participants nationwide. “We’ve built all the tools they need to power their programs,” said Brian Litvack, LeagueApps CEO and co-founder. Those tools include giving these leaders the means to do things like build a website, accept registrations, send messages to coaches and parents and help them share information with governing bodies or associations. In addition to its flagship software, the company’s NextUp platform is designed to provide organizers with opportunities for leadership development and networking. It also runs FundPlay, a philanthropic program focused on sports-based youth development programs in underserved communities. Through the FundPlay program, they donate a percentage of every dollar spent on our platform back to the communities and families that need it with the goal of impacting 500,000 underserved athletes by 2022.

Investment Rationale:

At the time of 645's original investment, the offline, non-digitized nature of sports league management head lead to disorganization, lack of information, and excessive time required by league administrators to run the leagues. There was $70B being spent on organized sports each year and this number was growing rapidly. We believed that much of this spend would move online in the years to follow which was validated by the early traction LeagueApps showed. The company was showing strong revenue growth, attractive unit economics, and a talented team with an outstanding culture.