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Founded 2019Raised Seed 2019Partnered 2021Raised A 2021


Launchable is building the intelligence layer for all software testing, allowing companies to speed up their test runtimes, free up developers’ time, and save money on cloud costs. As CI adoption has grown, companies' test suites have grown in size, leading to very long testing times and high cloud spending. Launchable’s product uses machine learning to predict which subset of all tests is going to give the team enough confidence, while also shortening run times. Launchable was founded by Kohsuke Kawaguchi, CTO of Cloudbees and creator of Jenkins, and Harpreet Singh, VP Product at Cloudbees and Head of Product for Bitbucket at Atlassian.

Investment Rationale:

Harpreet and Kohsuke have played a huge role in evangelizing the CI market over the last decade. We believe that the next phase of the market is building an intelligence layer on top of testing pipelines, which will save engineering teams money and time by shortening test times without sacrificing confidence. We are excited to partner with the team to define a new category with them.