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As the Product Led Growth space explodes, so does the need to capitalize on the data acquired during the PLG sales cycle. HeadsUp helps customers define product-qualified leads (PQLs) and act on them in a timely manner, allowing sales teams to increase their sales velocity by focusing on customers with the highest likelihood of converting. Using HeadsUp removes the need for customers to write any SQL or build custom data pipelines.

Investment Rationale:

Earl Lee (CEO) and Momo Ong (CTO) worked together at FiscalNote, a 645 backed company that is valued at $1.6B and recently announced their IPO. During their time at FiscalNote, Earl and Momo noted that most CRM systems lack the functionality sales teams need to analyze and capitalize on product-usage data.

While the product was mostly in mockups at time of investments, we were impressed by their ability to iterate on it and quickly learn from customers and design partners.