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Founded 2015Raises Series A 2020Partnered 2021Wins EdTech X Growth and Innovation Award 2021
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Genially was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Cordoba, a city in southwestern Spain. Genially was spun out of an advertising agency, Ecoavantis, where the founders previously worked. The goal of Genially is to “revolutionize the world of communication” and to make the creation of interactive content simple and affordable for everyone. Their product now features templatized, interactive presentations, infographics, quizzes and more. The product works not only for businesses but also for school systems and is exceptionally helpful for teachers engaging in remote learning. There are multiple communities on the platform that offer workshops and share learnings collaborate with the initiatives. The product now has users in over 200 countries and continues to grow.

Investment Rationale:

In 2020 we noticed a growing demand for interactive content and a general re-imagining of the creative software space. We discuss these in our article: The Evolution of Adobe and Future of Creative Software. We noticed that there was a trend towards the democratization of design, or in other words, the notion that “design” no longer belonged simply to designers. We also noted that “content creators now range from small businesses, to freelancers, to social media influencers, all of which have the need to create content in order to capture audiences and promote their businesses.” Genially fits within this specific subcategory of our creative software theme, and embodies the proliferation of creative functionality. Through Genially, anyone can create an interactive, “magical” presentation, regardless of the individual’s technical or creative abilities.