SaaS for the 2nd wave
Founded 2019Partnered 2020Raised Series A 2021


ElectroNeek is a rapidly-scaling SaaS company in the Robotic Process Automation space. Having graduated from Y Combinator in the winter 2020 batch, the company grown incredibly quickly to 200+ clients, and 50+ globally distributed employees. Founded by pioneers in the RPA space, with deep experience in the domain, the team is anticipating continued and dramatic growth through the next several years, as they continue to enable unfettered access to the benefits of intelligent hyperautomation, without the typical enterprise-level costs and headcount. They were recently named G2’s momentum leader in the RPA space, and their team has garnered a host of accolades; in just one short year ElectroNeek made their way up the charts to become a top-ranked intelligent automation solution in the US, as ranked by both G2 and Capterra/Gartner.

Investment Rationale:

ElectroNeek is consistent with 645's focus on investing in Citizen Professional companies, businesses that enable the average worker to replicate the skills of experts. Our team got excited about ElectroNeek's potential to bring RPA to a much broader range of companies and roles than was previously possible. Reduction of the technical barrier to adoption, an expert team, a capital efficient approach to scaling and a pricing model that is not based on volume, are just a few of the aspects of ElectroNeek’s competitive advantage.