Bespoke Post

Bespoke Post

Personalized Consumer
Founded 2011Partnered 2016Contributed $50M to Small Businesses 2020Raised $40M Series B 2021


Bespoke Post is a lifestyle brand dedicated to helping their members discover under-the-radar Goods and Guidance that enrich their day to day experiences. Through Bespoke's innovative subscription commerce & e-commerce platform, they combine lifestyle goods with immersive content to ignite curiosity and confidence in their customers. The New York-based company was founded in 2011 to introduce customers to products from under-the-radar brands, once a month. Since then, they've worked with thousands of small brands, expanded their offering to thousands of products available to purchase each month, and grown to over 300k active members. "We're extremely proud of the fact that 90% of the brands we carry are small," said co-CEO of Bespoke Post Rishi Prabhu. "They're fundamental to our ability to fulfill the promise we make to our members about discovering new gear and experiences. We also find small brands share our values in terms of having a deep commitment to authenticity, quality, and craft."

Investment Rationale:

When we invested in 2016, Bespoke Post was an emerging leader in the online mens’ lifestyle category, with a foundation based in a subscription business and a growing online store presence. The combination of a growing market that had been under-targeted historically, a solid executive team, and a strong underlying economic model made the business an attractive one. We were confident in the team to continue to deliver strong execution and that Bespoke could continue to grow into the leading online destination for lifestyle products for their customers.