We are excited to announce 2021 promotions and that the 645 Team is growing! Check out our open role for Head of Talent.

645 Ventures Announces 2021 Promotions

December 14th, 2021

We are excited to announce the promotions of two team members at 645 Ventures! Please join us in congratulating Alessio Fanelli on his promotion to Principal on our Investment and Research (I&R) Team; and Vardan Gattani on his promotion to Vice President on our I&R Team.

One of the most important Core Values* at 645 Ventures is Evolution. Evolution represents the concept that our firm is built to evolve, embracing change and proactively growing to best capitalize on new opportunities. 2021 was an important year of Evolution for our firm, as we continued to operate in a remote environment while partnering with our portfolio companies to navigate the uncertainties of COVID. Alessio and Vardan played key roles in enabling our firm to succeed and thrive.

Promotion to the Principal role represents the development of an individual into an emerging leader in venture capital, backed by a track record of high growth investments, reputation of excellence among successful founders and LPs, depth of knowledge in areas of focus, and deep care for others. Similarly, promotion to the VP role means that an individual not only demonstrates the ability to identify great companies and work collaboratively with founders, but also the potential to become a leader in a high-performing institution. We look for leaders who can build and maintain authentic relationships, operate with integrity and bring unique perspectives to the table.

We are proud to have Alessio and Vardan as colleagues, and to work alongside them as they build their careers as leaders in the venture capital industry. You can learn about each of them below.

Alessio Fanelli - Principal, Investment & Research Team

Alessio has been promoted to Principal on the I&R team. Alessio, a self-trained and talented engineer, has been with the firm for 4 years, first playing a key role in pioneering the firm’s internal proprietary software Voyager, combined with designing key components of systematizing the firm’s outbound model. As he has grown in his role as an investor, he has led or worked on multiple investments, including Launchable ($9.5m Series A led by 645), RentSpree ($8m Series A led by 645) and Mandolin ($12m Series A led by 645). In addition, multiple investments that Alessio sourced raised large follow-on rounds in 2021, including Panther Labs ($120m Series B led by Coatue), BigEye ($45m Series B led by Coatue), and Cube Dev ($15.5m Series A by Decibel).

Alessio is a strong partner to founders, who utilizes his technical expertise combined with sharp business acumen to help companies to grow and scale. He has also become a thought leader in the infrastructure and developer tools community. He has authored several articles and blog posts including The History of Open-Source Licensing, The commoditization of business intelligence tools and the rise of "embedded intelligence", and Transforming software testing from a bottleneck to an enabler: our investment in Launchable.

Alessio has also demonstrated strong leadership qualities within 645. He has been a key leader in our San Francisco expansion in 2021, launching the office with Nnamdi, organizing events for our portfolio and community, and expanding the 645 network of top VCs, founders, and operators. He has also demonstrated leadership in joining the board of NextGen Partners, an organization that helps pre-Partner level investors build long-lasting careers in venture capital, as well as being a part of the Gitcoin KERNEL Fellowship, a community of up-and-coming builders and investors in the web3 and blockchain space.

Alessio’s contribution to our portfolio is well-captured by Launchable Co-Founder, Kohsuke Kawaguchi:

"We love Alessio here at Launchable. He immediately understood the value of what we are doing because he himself is a developer. Through that lens he keeps filling us with interesting developments happening in this space elsewhere, which I don't otherwise get time to do, plus he's always willing to help." - Kohsuke Kawaguchi (Co-Founder of Launchable).

In his new role as Principal on the Investment & Research team, Alessio will continue to play an active role in leading investments in infrastructure and developer tools, at the seed and Series A stages.

Vardan Gattani - Vice President, Investment & Research Team

Vardan has been promoted to Vice President on the firm’s Investment & Research team. Vardan has been with 645 Ventures for nearly 2 years and has been an incredible addition to our firm. He has been razor-sharp at identifying trends that could produce large category defining businesses and organizing 645’s thoughts into content that support founders in those categories. Vardan has formulated his ideas into thought leadership including What’s Next for Product-Led Growth? Customer-Led Growth and contributions to Citizen Professionals and the Evolution of Software for Non-Technical Users: 645’s Investments in Apty and Navattic.

Vardan has sourced, led due diligence, and joined as a board observer for Navattic ($1.2 million seed round led by 645 Ventures), Shift5 ($20 million Series A round led by 645 Ventures), and Skydrop ($20 million Series A led by 645 Ventures). He also was instrumental in 645 Ventures re-investment in Iterable ($200 million Series E led by Adam Street Partners and Silver Lake), and two other unannounced investments led by 645 Ventures in 2021.

Vardan has been an active partner as we’ve rolled up our sleeves and gone into business with several founders. His contribution is noted by Navattic’s Co-Founder Neil McLean:

“Vardan has been an invaluable partner to Navattic. He exhibits a strong bias towards action and we’ve been incredibly fortunate to have him onboard the Navattic journey. Whether it’s making a critical intro, iterating on GTM strategy or sharing tips on company building, Vardan has been exceptionally helpful at critical junctures in our company. Congrats to Vardan on this well-deserved promotion and we’re so excited to continue working together going forward”. - Neil McLean (Co-founder of Navattic)

In his new role as Vice President on the Investment & Research team, Vardan will continue to play an active role in leading investments in Enterprise Software, Vertical Software, Commerce and Web3 companies at the seed and Series A stages.

Congratulations to our first Principal Alessio Fanelli and newest Vice President Vardan Gattani on their recent promotions. They both embody and live up to our firm’s Core values of Reputation, Patience, Insight, Perspectives, Integrity, Critique, and Evolution.

Nnamdi Okike & Aaron Holiday

*645 Core Values: Reputation, Patience, Insight, Perspectives, Integrity, Critique, and Evolution